The Verge: Crashing the casting call for 94110, a show about San Francisco’s hottest zip code

Last month fliers began appearing on certain blocks of San Francisco advertising open auditions for a television pilot about "six leading technology executives living, learning, and loving together in San Francisco’s Mission District." The shlocky concept was named 94110after the neighborhood's zip code, and was roundly ridiculed online. Nonetheless, nearly 100 hopefuls showed up for the casting call this weekend, which was held at SFAQ, a dinged-up, lived-in little art gallery in the Tenderloin.

For much of the afternoon on Saturday and Sunday, they sat on folding chairs in the gallery, waiting for a chance to screen test for roles such as the socially awkward engineer ("likes punk rock, addicted to vaping"), the wantrepreneur who relies on "alcohol-fueled bro-downs for brainstorming sessions," and the venture capitalist "with lots of likes and followers," who "puts out good vibes and gets good returns."

Bryan Mazzarello