Commercial Acting TV ad for Rocket League! Play for Fun. Live to Play.

Recent Commercial Acting Work

Written and Directed by: Caron Clancey Starring: Scott Vermeire and Hawley Allen. Episode 1. Written by 94110, the best show about San Francisco that never was.

This is the trailer video for the exhibition of the same name, which will take place at Gallery 16 in SF from March 3-April 29. The trailer, which was written and directed by Jonn Herschend, exists as a part of the show, but will only happen on line. Big thanks to Beth Lisick, Packard Jennings, Scott Vermiere, and Kate Rhoades.

This was the first presentation-style performance that I did when I came out of hiding as a performer. Prior to this, due to shyness, I was only performing on BART trains, or in public, or anonymously at freeform open mics. My dear friend, the artist Hannah Ireland asked me to put something together for an event at her school and this is what I did. Thanks for opening the cage Hannah:) As you will notice, I was younger, chubbier, and always wearing carhartts in those days.

The music video for the DJ REAL instrumental, "Longfingers".

Scott Vermeire debuts a new plug-in for Google Glass called Blinder. Written by Scott Vermeire.

Created for the exhibition Detritus at the San Jose ICA, which asked artists and filmmakers to contribute elements from their works that don't make it into the final piece. These are a couple of quick outtakes from my last project called YOUR LOST SHOE, or everything that happened since the last time and features Kate Rhoades, Packard Jennings, Beth Lisick and Scott Vermeire.

Much has been said about Sad Vicious, most of it bad. Here Kaseem Bentley says some of those things which are bad, about Sad Vicious.

An ordinary businessman slogs through the daily onslaught of media bombardment. Writing, directing, production, art direction, wardrobe, and post production by Packard Jennings / Packard Productions.